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Underwood v Haney, et al, 5 L 565 (Lake County, Illinois)

Practice Area: Personal injury

Outcome: settled for 4.7 million dollars (policy limits)

Description: Michael J. Perillo, Jr., Michael K. Noonan, and Jason S. Marks, achieved a settlement for a brain damaged 5 year old girl in the amount of 4.7 million dollars. The child was a passenger in her mother’s automobile at the time of a collision with an 80,000 pound tractor trailer (the firm represented the little girl through her father, the custodial parent). Mother/driver made a left hand turn across the path of the truck with a collision ensuing. At the hospital post accident, the mother/driver was reported to have tested positive for controlled substances. In representing the injured child, multiple experts were retained by the Noonan firm including an accident reconstruction expert, a physician life care plan expert, an economist for the purpose of offering opinions as to the child’s future medical expenses and two toxicologists who each offered opinions rebutting allegations of the automobile driver’s alleged intoxication or impairment. The matter settled for the limits of the trucking company’s insurance coverage in the week prior to the scheduled commencement of trial.

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