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Erica Crohn Minchella

Erica Minchella’s Legal Guides

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  • How and When to use a Quit Claim Deed

    Fill out the Quit Claim Deed Generally you should be able to find a Quit Claim Deed form in a business supply store or online. The form will require the name of the Grantor, the name of the Grantee,

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  • What To Expect During the Short Sale Process

    Determine Whether a Short Sale is Appropriate If your credit is shot, the only parties who get anything out of your doing a short sale are your broker and your lawyer. Since you won't get anything o

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  • Strategies For The Monied Partner in a Real Estate Partnership That Is Failing

    Get A Lawyer You HAVE to know what your obligations and your rights are. What will your financial responsibilities be if the property does not cash flow? What will the impact be if a Receiver is ap

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  • Options in Foreclosure

    File an appearance in the case Appear when the case is heard. Let the Judge know what the status of your loan modification or short sale is. Make sure you are talking to the negotiator for the lend

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