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  • Funeral Arrangements - Illinois Residents

    Ways to Insure Your Wishes regarding Your Own Funeral are Respected

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  • Limited Liability Companies as Holding Companies Enjoy Special Status Under the Laws of Illinois and Other States

    Illinois State LLC Fees Fees payable to the Secretary of State of Illinois to create an LLC, and the filing fees in connection with annual report are among the highest in the United States. Filing A

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  • Limited Liability Companies - an Overview

    Corporations A corporation, formed by filing articles of incorporation with the Secretary of State and governed under by-laws, normally provides its shareholders with a shield against creditors (whet

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  • Establishing a Legal Residence

    Residence is a Matter of Intent A lawyer's answer is "Residence is a matter of intent." And so it is, but how do you go about proving intent? This can be really important, not only to claim the benef

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  • Series LLCs

    Understanding Series LLCs What is a Series LLC? How does it differ from an ordinary LLC? A major reason for creating an LLC is to achieve limited liability for the owner(s) from activities carried

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  • Living Wills Compared to Health Care Powers of Attorney

    Compare the Operation of the Living Will and the Health Care Power of Attorney The following is excerpted from "A personal Decision" published by the Illinois State Medical Society in May, 1991: "De

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  • Creating a Trust for Your Pet or Companion Animal

    In Illinois Pet Trusts Are Authorized by Part of the Trust and Trustees Act. The Illinois Legislature has posted all our statutes on-line at You or your

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  • Avoiding Personal Liability for Corporate Debts

    Have a Minute Book and Keep It Up-to-Date In one case, the Court discussed failure to observe corporate formalities in the context of missing corporate records, saying: A number of factors are to

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