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Matthew R. Gebhardt

Matthew Gebhardt’s Legal Guides

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  • Driving on Revoked License Penalties

    o First conviction -- Class A misdemeanor; possible imprisonment of up to 12 months; mandatory imprisonment of 10 days in jail or 30 days of community serv?ice; fines of up to $2,500; suspension of driving privileges for double the original suspension period or additional revocat...

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  • Attorney/Client Agreement

    Every undertaking of representation for a criminal case, regardless of complexity or severity of the charge should begin with a written agreement between the client and attorney that spells out in detail the scope of the representation. Here is an example for your review: LA...

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  • DUI Penalties in Illinois

    Penalties for DUI in Illinois vary depending on the circumstances of the arrest and conviction. These circumstances may include the driver's age, the driver's BAC level, whether the driver was transporting a child under age 16, and whether the driver has previous DUI convictions....

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  • Buying or selling a home in Illinois. Do you need an attorney?

    Buying or selling a home ranks as one of the top financial transactions in most people's lives. Its an important event one that deserves the attention of a real estate attorney who is thoroughly versed in Illinois Real Estate Law. The Law Offices of Matthew R. Gebhardt, P.C. is ...

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