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Roger William Stelk

Roger Stelk’s Legal Guides

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  • Can I move the children out of state?

    The divorce case is over. Custody and visitation have been established. Now, something has come up that makes a move out of state either necessary or desirable. There is a statute in Illinois that a

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  • Holding Title to Real Estate

    There are a few different ways individuals can jointly hold title to real estate. The method you choose to hold title will depend on what you are trying to accomplish. Tenancy in Common Two or more i

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  • I've moved to a new county. Can my Illinois judgment move with me?

    After you have been divorced, you then move to another county within the State of Illinois. Can you move your divorce judgment to the new county? The answer is, it depends. Register the judgment In

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  • Grandparent Visitation in Illinois

    The issue of grandparent visitation of minor children has evolved somewhat over the last several years. In this article, an explanation of the current status of grandparents rights in Illinois will be explored. Grandparents, great-grandparents and brothers and sisters of a child ...

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  • Can my child choose to live with me?

    In Illinois, judges must determine the award or modification ofchild custodyin accordance with the childs best interests. But what does this actually mean? There are many criteria a judge must consider in child custody and visitation cases, one of which is the wishes of the child...

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