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  • What can be done against students who sexually harass ( verbally ) their teacher, be they male or female?

    my wife is a teacher and was verbally, sexually harrassed in the classroom by 2 or 3 students of whom she is sure were the culprits. The entire classroom heard and only the 2 or 3 that launched the assault, were getting their "jollies" out of doin...

    Donald’s Answer

    The first thing anyone should do who experiences sexual harassment in the workplace is report it to a manager or an offical in their human resource department. In this case it appears your wife has reported the harassment to her building administrator or other school district officials. After the harassment has been reported, the employer must take immediate and appropriate corrective actions to remedy the problem.

    Generally speaking, a single isolated incident will not be considered hostile environment harassment unless it is extremely outrageous and egregious conduct. The courts look to see whether the conduct is both serious and frequent. Supervisors, managers, co-workers and even students can be responsible for creating a hostile environment.The employer is liable if it knew, or should have known, about the harassment. However, the employer is, likely, not liable if immediate and appropriate corrective actions were taken to remedy the problem.

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