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John Goff’s reviews

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  • Unprofessional

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    John over promised and undelivered. He was virtually unprepared for court or defending me against a vindictive prosecutor. He utilized his office staff, who were untrained and ill-informed on issues relevant to my case. He did not know the statute for which I was charged. He did not know the elements needed to convict nor the sentence and at least on one occasion asked the prosecutor how to he should represent me !!! He did not show up for one hearing, which gave the prosecutor the opportunity to have evidence dismissed. He did not honor his contract and asking for twice as much money as originally agreed upon. When questioned, about his representation became angry, pouty and virtually gave up representing me, which forced me to an involuntary plea. I filed a complaint with the Professional Board on Mr. Goff, this did little as it is an organization of lawyers who police other lawyers, in other words "a good 'ol boy network" He and his staff lied to that board. I would not recommend him to anyone for anything.

  • Terrible, Unprofessional staff

    1.0 star

    Posted by a DUI & DWI client

    Mr. Goff's assistant is the one that should be getting the brunt of this but ultimately he is her boss and should ensure she is doing her job and representing the firm well. He didn't even show up for my first court appearance. Apparently his assistant "forgot" to put it on his calendar. I had to tell them both what to do and what to file in order to try and get my license back! They said they filed everything on time and I find out later that nothing was sent or that it was sent to the wrong place. By that time it was too late and I was screwed! When I asked the assistant to follow up I got a disgusted sigh and a "oh I hate dealing with the state but I SPOSE"! Basically, she found out SHE screwed up but do you think they would admit that and offer to help me go down another channel?? Oh no of course not! They got their money and thats ALL they care about! Mr. Goff leaves too much in the hands of his completely incompetent assistant. She has no business working on cases that affect peoples lives so much! Mr. Goff also does not know DUI/Implied Consent law very well, even though he will tell you he does at the consultation.