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  • I'm 17 and entered the u.s illegally, I have order of removal from the country.can my husband petition for me?

    I'm 17 and entered the u.s illegally, I have order of removal from the country my husband is 19 and a permanent resident can he petition for me ??

    F.’s Answer

    Did you file for DACA? If not, why not?

    Can he petition? Yes

    Will it let you stay in the US? Probably not ... he needs to be a US citizen and you need to get an Advance Parole/waiver.

    Talk to an attorney.

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  • Can we apply for visa extension while conversion is pending ?

    My company applied for H1 to L1 conversion few months back. This application is pending with CIS and I dont expect a decision soon. My current i94 is expiring in the next few months. a) Can my employer file H1 extension as well ? although the L...

    F.’s Answer

    Why didn't the company use premium processing?

    a. not a good idea
    b. this is why 'a' is not a good idea
    c. yes it could leave you with a big mess on your hands.

    Why haven't you asked these questions of the company's immigration lawyer?

    And, if you did ask these questions, why didn't you tell us what he/she said?

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  • Will H1B transfer affect visa stamp application?

    Right now I am holding H1B visa for company A. Recently I got an offer and the new company will start H1B transfer in next couples weeks. Before I go to new company, I want to travel aboard (Aug 8 - 20). I will start working for new company on Sep...

    F.’s Answer

    If you travel ... you should wait outside of the US for the new papers to be approved. Then the new company can send you the approval notice and you can get a new visa stamp, with the new company's name on the papers.

    Do NOT apply for a visa stamp for company A.

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  • Can I write to USCIS when my I-360 petition for permanent residence is outside the normal processing times ?

    My case for permanent residence has been filed at USCIs since 12-4-2014. March 22 of 2016 RFE has been sent by my authorized representative to USCIS. Online inquiry shows that RFE has been received by USCIS. A letter sent to me May 25, 2016 by USC...

    F.’s Answer

    You (or better yet your lawyer) should wait at-least 60-90 days AFTER the 'normal' processing time shown on their website .. they are somewhat 'fake' numbers and can not be relied upon.

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  • Is it safe if I submit a case inquiry to USCIS?

    Hello all, I wanted to check with you whether it is safe or not if i submit a case inquiry to uscis to look into my reinstatement application. I hope there is no negative impact on case by doing this. second question is how long they usually t...

    F.’s Answer

    NO ... don't push them.

    I know that your're probably eager and anxious .. but don't push them.

    Be patient, or go home and apply for a new F visa stamp ... that is usually faster than trying for reinstatement.

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  • Panama Immigration. I have a dispute with my landlord she said she will inform Immigration (i'm here on a Tourist-Visa)

    Panama Immigration. I have a dispute with my landlord she said she will inform Immigration (i'm here on a Tourist-Visa) so i can't leave the country?

    F.’s Answer

    Are you talking about the country of Panama? If so, we can't help you ... this is a US Immigration Law Forum.

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  • US Visa rejected and told to apply to Student Visa. However I can't apply to a student visa. What to do?

    So I've been planning to go to a coding program in the US for 13 weeks(fullstackacademy). I followed the general concensus of people who have successfully obtained visas and the advice on this website and applied to a B1/B2 visa and got rejected o...

    F.’s Answer

    Your B visa application was properly rejected .. it can NOT be used to go to a full-time course of study.

    If the school can't/doesn't issue I-20 forms ... find another school.

    Sorry, the government is inflexible in this regard .... find a school that can issue I-20 forms ... or participate in an online program which doesn't require you to come to the US:

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  • Address/residency for immigration vs Address/residency for tuition purposes

    I'm a perm resident (2y green card holder) married to a USC. I enrolled for college last semester (Spring16) and after the 1st-2nd week of classes my husband got a great offer from his employer to work in the Boston area. He is currently in NH, bu...

    F.’s Answer

    This is not a game.

    You are required to tell immigration your TRUE residential address.

    But, living in different states can still 'work' if you do things correctly.

    Have a Skype consultation with an attorney to learn how you can tell the truth

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  • Hi! I'm citizen of Belarus, currently overstayed visa in USA, how to get any form of government issued ID or passport?

    I was robbed and passport which was also expired, was stolen during robbery, I don't have any form of government issued ID right now. I applied for u visa, my case currently not solved, I'm waiting for immigration to approve or deny which gonna ta...

    F.’s Answer

    Talk to an attorney at a non-profit immigration organization.

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  • I used TurboTax and received $900 tax return. Will it hurt my future immigration applications? I'm F-1 student.

    I used TurboTax to file my taxes while I didn't know that F-1 students cannot use this software, and I received an unusual amount of tax return. I haven't returned it yet. Assuming that I don't return this money, will it hurt my future immigration...

    F.’s Answer

    Talk to a tax professional .. he/she should be able to help you amend your return and possibly return the money.

    Also, talk to an attorney if you didn't have one help with your asylum application. Most applications prepared without an attorney are denied.

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