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  • Do you have any specialized skills or training, such as firearms, explosives, nuclear, biological, or chemical experience ?

    How should academic pharmacist having a specialized knowledge of Pharmacology (study of drugs) respond to this question while filling DS 160 visa application form for B1/B2 visa. YES/NO.. If yes then how i can explain this.

    F.’s Answer

    If you consider pharmacology 'biological or chemical' then you should answer yes & explain.

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  • Why havent i gotten my work permit or an interview

    On april 15 i did my biometric an havent gotten my work permit as yet on may 11 case was scheduled for an interview still nothing yet tried calling uscis but unable to speak to someone helpppp

    F.’s Answer

    More info is needed ... what was the basis for the I-765?

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  • Do i have to go for H1 and H4 stamping for my wife

    hello all, i have valid visa stamped till 2017 april and i have my wifes h4 stamped as well untill 2017 april. I have passport renewed and i have a new passport but the valid visa is in my old passport.. fyi... i have changed my employer in ...

    F.’s Answer

    Q: How safe?
    A: Your wife should be fine ... I can't say the same for you ... neither I, nor CBP, like people traveling with visas in old passports ... Thus, to be safe, you should get a new H-1B stamp in your new passport

    Q: Should we go for stamping?
    A. Your wife? No .... .You? As mentioned above, yes ... that would be my recommendation.

    Q: Safe to travel with a limited amount of time on the visa?
    A: For your wife? I see no problem ... For you? I've stated my opinion above

    Q: Extend?
    A: Perfect thing to discuss with the lawyer responsible for ABC visas ... don't waste time talking to NON-ATTORNEYS in HR

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  • Is my B1 visa likely to be turned down, and can/ should I apply for an ESTA before that happens?

    Hiya, I'm an English citizen looking to spend six to nine months with my American fiancé. We met while he was on holiday here, and all subsequent time spent together has been in England. We are both aware of the visa that allows fiancé(e)s to...

    F.’s Answer

    If a B is denied before the ESTA application ... ESTA will be denied.

    IF the B is denied after the ESTA is approved ... the denial will void and invalidate the ESTA.

    I assume your "American" fiancee is a US citizen and not a Canadian, or from any one of the many other 'Americas".

    Unfortunately, a group from you're side of the 'pond' said it right: "You can't always get what you want."

    Using a B and/or ESTA (and even a J for that matter) is looked down upon by the US government ... they view it as trying to 'get around' the proper visa system. Granted the UK government is worse, but let's stick with your problem.

    NOTE: You say B-1 (business traveler) but I think you mean B-2 (pleasure visitor) ... although the US Consul tends to stamp 'combo' B-1/B-2 in the passport ... requiring you to declare your intention each time you cross the border.

    I suggest you talk in private with an attorney via 3-way video Skype ... to balance the pros/cons as apply to your individual situation.

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  • H1 to F1 transfer Questions

    Am willing to pay consulting fees for advice further, if you can answer these questions 1) H1 transfer pending(since Feb 1st 2016) in normal processing, F1 Change of status(COS) applied in meantime(at 210 days into H1 transfer). No desire to conv...

    F.’s Answer

    1. Are you saying that an I-129H application for transfer of employers is pending and that during that pendency someone filed an I-539 COS from H-1 to F?

    Does the lawyer who worked on the I-129H know about this 'conflicting' application? If not, you had better talk to him/her right away. This is not the kind of thing to keep a secret.

    2. If these scenarios play out ... you will have a big mess on your hands. You're probably better off to quit your job, leave the US and apply for an F-1 at the US Consul.

    Remember that the F-1 requires proof of non-immigrant intent .. the H doesn't. If you have a spouse on H-1 that is moving toward a greencard ... this could be a bigger problem still.

    Yes, you should choose a lawyer to talk to in private via Skype.

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  • My husband got a letter saying he has Master hearing before the immigration court

    he was release by bond in newark,NJ but we live san antonio,tx we have no lawyer at the moment can he go without a lawyer to Master hearing? hes immigration court falls on sept 6,2016 is it to late to get a lawyer? to do a change of Venue? thos...

    F.’s Answer

    No, it is not too late to get a lawyer.

    In fact, if this is his first Master ... he can ask the judge to 'continue' the case for 30 days (or so) to give him more time to hire a lawyer.

    Sure, he can tell the judge that his lawyer may be asking for a change of venue.

    He should NOT try to file the venue change w/o a lawyer.

    Hurry up and hire a lawyer, there is time. And ... yes, the NJ lawyer can help find a TX lawyer to handle the transfer ... or the TX lawyer can file the motion long-distance ... we do it all the time.

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  • Will I encounter issues at the border when visiting the US in December? If so, what is the least paperwork-intensive solution?

    Summary: Planning to Enter the US on the Visa waiver program while technically an (expired) green card holder no longer meeting the residency requirements. I am no longer interested in maintaining US residency. Relevant info: I am a Le...

    F.’s Answer

    I'm not so sure that your ESTA visa waiver application will be approved.

    You should probably contact the US Consul in France, sign the forms to give up your greencard and obtain a B-1/B-2.

    And ... of course, you might want to have a private Skype consultation with an attorney to obtain clarification/confirmation.

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  • Why i have not recieved i-797 yet? And how long Should i wait?

    I'm a US citizen and my Husband is from Yemen. Due to the situation there we filed in Amman, Jordan (i-130) on october/2015 and the approval notice was sent on July/2016. However till August/20/2016 we have not recieved theUSCIS reciept and the em...

    F.’s Answer

    When you say that the Consular Section inside the Embassy hasn't been helpful ... could you be more specific?

    Have they ignored your e-mails?

    What is it that they have 'not' done that you think they should have done in the past 30-45 days .. .which is a relatively short time for the approval notice to make it to the NVC & then the Consul.

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  • Visitor visa extension

    Greetings, I have B1/B2 non immigrant visitor visa which will get expire on Oct 26,2016. Can I submit form I-539 to the US embassy in my country? or I do have to come to the US to do so? How long ahead of time I should submit my visa extension...

    F.’s Answer

    I'm confused ... where are you?

    If you are at your home country, go online and fill in the DS-160 ... go to the Consulate and get another visa stamp. CIS is not involved if you're not in the US.

    If you're in the US ... talk to an attorney before filing anything, many of us use Skype.

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