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Christopher Jay Cadem

Christopher Cadem’s Legal Guides

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  • Keeping Out of Legal Hot Water While Boating in Minnesota

    Keeping Out of Legal Hot Water While Boating in Minnesota As Labor Day weekend approaches, likely the last big boating weekend of the season, it is important to keep a few key boating-related laws in mind. Drinking and Boating First, it is illegal to operate or be in physical ...

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  • How to Protect Yourself When Contracting for Home Improvement Labor

    Carefully Choose Your Contractor and Verify All Credentials A Minnesota building contractor must be licensed with the state. Verify this fact independently by checking with the Minnesota Department

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  • K2 - Fake Marijuana - Federal Legislation Outlaws the Sale of K2 Chemicals*

    K2 - Recent Federal Legislation Outlaws the sale of certain K2 chemicals.* At this time, this author has not had an opportunity to parse the new legislation and determine how it will impact on one's ability to possess the chemicals. If you have any questions regarding this topi...

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  • Another Vehicle Recall: How to Protect Yourself If Your Car Is Involved

    Know the Facts Before rushing to the dealership or panicking about how you are going to pick up junior from soccer practice, know the facts. Although factory recalls oftentimes are announced in gene

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  • Are Your Kids Safe? Fisher-Price Recalls 10 Million Products

    The Houston Chronicle reported that on October 7, 2010, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with Fisher-Price, issued a voluntary recall of nearly 7 million "Trikes." They also recalled nearly a million "Healthy Care," "Close to Me" and "Easy Clean" high c...

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  • Your Foreclosure May Have Been Improper

    The foreclosure of your home is one of the most devastating things you can face. Many people finding themselves faced with foreclosure blame themselves because the foreclosure is often the result of missed payments. Such a circumstance is frequently met with feelings of guilt and...

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