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Randall Gordon Knutson

Randall Knutson’s Legal Guides

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  • Vaccine Injuries and Vaccine Court at the Federal Court of Claims

    A guide for vaccine injuries for children and adults injured by vaccines. Vaccine injuries are typically handled in vaccine court in the Federal Court of Claims, which has money set aside to pay for

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  • Dog Bites and Attacks In Minnesota

    If A Dog bites or Attacks you, the Owner or "Harborer" is strictly at fault In Minnesota, when a dog attacks or bites someone, the owner of the dog, or anyone harboring the dog is strictly liable. W

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  • When a car hits a bicycle – who wins? Bicycle Accidents Explained

    Med Pay is the first Coverage Med Pay stands for Medical Payment coverage. A Med Pay policy will usually cover medical bills up to a certain amount, no matter who is at fault for the fall. Not all

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  • Types of Minnesota Auto Insurance Coverage

    Primary Coverage for Medical and Wage Loss is Your No Fault Policy Your own auto insurance, called No Fault, covers you for $20,000 of medical costs, and an additional $20,000 of Wage Loss. After No

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  • Minnesota Insurance Coverage After a Car Accident

    After An Accident, Call your Insurance Agent or Company They will send you an "Application for Benefits" and some releases. You should fill this out right away and send it back in. Sometimes it is

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