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Patrick Joseph Casey

Patrick Casey’s Legal Guides

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  • Commonly asked questions by people charged with a crime.

    1) I was charged with a crime, am I going to jail? Generally on your first offense you are not going to jail, unless the offense is a Gross Misdemeanor or Felony. Any criminal charge is not to be taken lightly. Criminal convictions can prevent you from getting student loans, g...

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  • Frequently asked questions in divorces/dissolutions.

    1) How long will this take? Generally dissolutions take six to twelve months, however every persons case is different. I have handled divorces that have been resolved and signed by the court in a month and on occasion there are divorces that take year or years to complete. It de...

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  • Protecting your record in Minnesota.

    Continuance for dismissal. A continuance for dismissal is: "an agreement between the prosecutor and the defendant that prosecution will be suspended for a designated period of time on certain condi

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