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Derek Anthony Patrin

Derek Patrin’s Legal Guides

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  • The Impact of Missouri v. McNeely on Minnesota DWI Law

    On April 17, 2013, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a landmark decision of Missouri v. McNeely. This decision has the opportunity to have a direct impact on Minnesota DWI law in years to come. While the extent of the impact is not yet known, we will be arguing that that this decisi...

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  • How Can I Beat a DWI / DUI?

    Constitutional Arguments This is probably the most common method of beating a DWI case. Police officers must follow the rules of the constitution when they conduct their investigations. If they do

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  • How to Find the Right DWI or DUI Lawyer

    Your DUI / DWI Attorney Should Have Superior Knowledge Your DUI / DWI lawyer should be familiar with the city and county of your offense and should know how that jurisdiction treats DUI / DWI cases

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