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Robert William Gadtke

Robert Gadtke’s Legal Guides

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  • What you need to know if your divorce is starting tomorrow

    The information you need to know if your divorce in Minnesota is starting tomorrow. How it begins It’s Sunday night. You’re brushing your teeth. Your spouse barges into the bathroom and blurts out,

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  • Initial Case Management Conferences -- Minnesota Divorce

    A short explaination of what happens at an Initial Case Management Conference ("ICMC") in a Minnesota divorce case.

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  • Divorce Roadmap -- Part III -- After your case ends

    A brief description of what happens after a divorce case ends.

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  • Divorce Roadmap -- Part II -- The Court Process

    A basic description of the court process in Minnesota divorce cases.

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  • Divorce Roadmap -- Part I -- Before the Case Starts

    A quick tour of the typical Minnesota divorce case.

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  • Controlling the Cost of Attorney Fees in Divorce. Alternative Billing Methods

    Most of the people I meet genuinely dread the prospect of paying for a divorce lawyer. Aside from the emotional and psychological pain of a divorce, the cost can seem overwhelming. People frequently hear about celebrities spending tens of thousands of dollars on their divorce. An...

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  • The Duration of Spousal Maintenance

    Once you get past the question of whether spousal maintenance should be paid, the focus shifts to how much and for how long. In this post, I deal with the question of how long a person should be required to pay spousal maintenance. Determining the exact length of a maintenance o...

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  • The Brave New World of Income Tax Exemptions

    In a new regulatory change beginning tax year 2009 which for us non-tax professionals means income tax returns filed on or after April 15, 2010 the IRS now requires noncustodial parents wishing to claim the income tax exemption for a minor child to either file Form 8332 or to h...

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