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Alan S Milavetz

Alan Milavetz’s Answers

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  • Can I file a claim/sue for money if I was injured on the job because the machine I was using didn't have proper safety devices.

    After being injured by a box stapler on the job they put an 'eye' on it so if anything was obstructing the view of the hammer on the stapler it wouldn't come down on the person like it did to me. Also I was fired the same day this happened becaus...

    Alan’s Answer

    Talk with a Minnesota licensed attorney. In addition to the potential workers compensation and employment claims, there may be claims against the manufacturer of the box stapler and if made by a different company, the electric eye. Good luck to you. Definitely speak with an attorney though, as the statutes of limitation may be different for your various claims.

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  • I slipped on paint on my back patio left by the maintanace men before moving in. Can i sue?

    Suffered a complete fracture and trimollear break resulting in a bloodclot. I am unable to work and when i told the landlord, she expressed no concern.

    Alan’s Answer

    Did you know of the dangerous condition before stepping onto the patio? Did the landlord? It depends on knowlege of the dangerous condition. I suggest speaking with an attorney in your state.

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  • Parking lot accident, who is fault?

    My question involves a parking lot accident in the State of: Kentucky Today I was backing out my car and turing to the right in order to enter a side road from the parking space, and I had checked all the directions to make sure there was no ca...

    Alan’s Answer

    Check with the business/parking lot owner. Find out if there is a surveillance camera, and arrange to obtain a copy. In any event, auto insurance should cover the claim.

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