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Kathryn Marie Lammers

Kathryn Lammers’s Legal Guides

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  • Parenting Time Expeditors and Parenting Consultants in Minnesota

    If you are involved in a high conflict parenting situation, be it a divorce, a custody proceeding or a post decree issue the services of a parenting consultant or a parenting time expeditor may be appropriate to assist with on-going conflict in the case.What is the difference bet...

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  • Minnesota Statute on grandparent rights

    In Minnesota, a district court has broad discretion to determine what is in the best interests of a child regarding visitation. The authority of the Court to consider grandparents when making visitation decisions is laid out in Minnesota Statute § 518.1752

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  • Relocating a child out of state in Minnesota

    I get a lot of questions about whether the custodial parent can move a child out of state without the other parents permission. In Minnesota, the parent with custody who wishes to move must first obtain the permission of the other parent or get the Courts permission. In 2006 the ...

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  • Minnesota Third Party Custody

    What is the procedure for third party custody? Minnesota Statutes § 257C.03 governs the procedure for petitioning for child custody as an interested third party or de facto custodian. Whether a Peti

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