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John Leif Fossum

John Fossum’s Legal Guides

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  • Juvenile Law in Minnesota

    When does juvenile delinquency law apply? Any person under the age of 18 who is accused of a crime appears first in juvenile court. If the court finds the child committed the crime beyond a reasonab

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  • How to avoid business litigation

    Keep contracts simple, yet clear. One of the best strategies to avoid problems is to have contracts that are simple and clearly lay out the penalties for breach of the contract and what is expected o

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  • Reparations for Victims of War Crimes at the International Criminal Court

    Who is Eligible to Seek Reparations? Victims of war crimes from countries that have open cases before the International Criminal Court, including Darfur, Sudan, Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Con

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  • Why the right to remain silent?

    Being read the Miranda Warning. The Miranda Warning is well known from TV and movies and yet still misunderstood or ignored by many people facing police interrogation. You have the right to remain

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  • When do I need a criminal defense attorney?

    The police make contact with you and ask to talk to you. It is usually advisable to meet with a criminal defense lawyer prior to meeting with the police. If you are a suspect, it is unlikely you wil

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