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Craig William Andresen

About Craig Andresen

About me

Andresen Law Offices is a Bloomington, Minnesota, full service bankruptcy law firm with 26 years experience. A consultation with Mr. Andresen is always free -- just call (952) 831-1995. Our offices are located right across the street from the Mall of America.


Our Brooklyn Center Office is located across the street from Brookdale.


Whether you are an individual or have a small business, we have the expertise to help you understand your rights under the law and inform you of your best choices.


Dealing with credit card debts, an impending foreclosure, car repossession, or business debt problems can seem overwhelming. At Andresen Law Offices, our mission is to find legal solutions that will allow to keep your home and your paycheck. This is what we do -- and it is all we do.


Mr Andresen has been Minnesota's Co-chair for the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys since 2006. He has been on the executive board of the MSBA Bankruptcy Law Section since May 2015. He knows the bankruptcy trustees and judges, and they know him.


Browse further down this page, and you'll see that Mr. Andresen has been called upon time and again to lecture to other bankruptcy lawyers, appearing often side by side with Minnesota's bankruptcy trustees and judges at legal seminars.


Let the 26 years experience of Andresen Law Offices go to work helping you to regain control over your financial future. You can get started by calling (952) 831-1995 today, and asking for a meeting with Mr. Andresen.



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