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David K Porter

About David Porter

About me

 More than 30 years experience as a reliable, useful, and affordable lawyer with a neighborhood practice in south Minneapolis.  I help people with inter-generational transfers.  It is much easier and cheaper to plan around family disputes, taxes, and nursing home expenses. 

There are cheaper ways to avoid probate than paying for a canned living trust.  I think too many people get taken on those things.  I have developed and earned a solid reputation for providing reliable legal services at reasonable rates.

Yes, I did have a disciplinary issue, many years ago.  I turned myself in when I realized I had a health condition that affected my ability to practice.  After taking care of that issue, I was cleared to return to practice in 1995 - more than 16 years ago now - and have had no further issues.

The Minnesota State Bar Association has recently seen fit to honor me with its Certification as a Real Estate Specialist.  I am also a volunteer with Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers, a court-sponsored organization providing services to lawyers and their families with personal difficulties.

Bank officers, real estate agents, and title closers call me when dealing with issues involving probate and real estate procedures.  I look forward to helping you.



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