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State of Minnesota v. McDowell

Practice Area: Criminal defense

Outcome: Acquittal on Criminal Sexual Conduct

Description: JACKSON, MN- After a three day trial Mr. McDowell was acquitted of first degree criminal sexual conduct charges. McDowell was facing a presumptive sentence of twelve (12) years in prison if convicted. McDowell was accused by his wife of sexually assaulting their four year old daughter. the allegations came as the couple was discussing divorce and custody issues. Maury D. Beaulier aggressively challenged the social worker's interview of the minor child and relying on the testimony of an expert witness was able to have it excluded at trial as highly suggestive and incompetent. In a competency hearing, the child was also deemed too unreliable to testify. The state proceeded with physical evidence that was attacked as speculative and indicative of many possible causes. A jury of twelve members acquitted McDowell of all charges after only fifty (50) minutes.

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