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Thomas C Gallagher

Thomas Gallagher’s Legal Guides

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  • How to Face a Sex Crimes Investigation

    Avoid Talking to Police. Yes, on television the writers tend to have the person targeted by police open up in a desperate attempt to clear their name. Often the "Miranda Warning" is the cue to start

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  • How to Interact with Police Officers

    Try to determine if you are at risk of being suspected of a crime. Even when police suspect you of a crime, typically they will attempt to conceal this from you. If there is any chance at all, that

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  • How to Avoid a Public Criminal Record; and Expungement in Minnesota.

    Avoid Violating Criminal Laws - in the Future. I know, this is easier said than done these days. Another day, another law! The legislature seems to think that every perceived problem, no matter how

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  • How to Determine Whether You Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer

    The Value of Keeping Your Clean Criminal Record Clean With no criminal record, your future employers won't be put off by a conviction. Occupational licenses may become unavailable, should you get co

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  • How to Avoid a Drug Crime Charge in Minnesota

    Be Careful What You Put in the Car Be aware that the majority of police contact with individuals take place in association with cars and other motor vehicles. Your personal privacy is at serious ris

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