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Jessica N Mckinney

Jessica Mckinney’s Answers

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  • I believe we are $200 over the median for Ch.7 bankruptcy. Is there a way to still qualify for Ch. 7.

    Our lawyer wrote a plan for Ch. 13, but there is no way that we can make those payments. The money is not there. What can we do now?

    Jessica’s Answer

    If you are currently represented by an attorney your answers are best coming from that lawyer. There are instances where a chapter 13 is better than a 7, such as when you have priority tax debt, or if you are behind on your mortgage and you wish to keep your home, or if you have a car loan with a credit union and you do not wish to pay on the credit card you owe to the credit union but you wish to keep that car. In short. There are many reasons you may have filed a chapter 13 rather than a 7 other than making too much money. But, you should really know why, and you should discuss this with your current lawyer or find another lawyer who will answer your questions. If you have already filed a case, conversion to a chapter 7 may be a possibility.

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