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Robert Donald Estes

About Robert Estes

About me

I started Estes Parsinen & Levy P.A. at the end of 1981.  John Parsinen, Bob Levy and I built that firm into 29 lawyers with 50 staff people when I left in May of 1989 to work for a limited number of clients.  Firm management is different than being a lawyer which is what I wanted to do.  My practice has been very broad and very client oriented, meaning that I will drop everything to focus on a single client's needs and I will get you out of the problem or achieve the planning goal you are lookiung for.  I bring in other supremely well qualified lawyers to assist if I am not the very best lawyer to be handling the situation.  I do not need to send the business to my partners of which there are none.  I serve as a director for most of my clients.  I bring to the table a panoramic strategic vision built upon years of experience.  One readily appreciates the old adage, "Go to a young doctor and an old lawyer."  I am that battle scarred, grizzled lawyer that has been through the wars.  I know what I don't know.   I am not looking for clients.  I  am  more interested in serving my current clients well, but if you have something that requires breakthrough thinking and a fast response, I could be interested.  I am admitted to United States Supreme Court, US Tax Court, the International Court of Trade, Federal Court District of Minnesota and Circuit Court of Appeals.  I was certified as Trial/Defense Counsel as a JAG officer.  (For purposes of accuracy, there were a few limited years in which I was NOT a member of the American, Minnesota, Hennepin County or International Bar Associations.)