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Stephen William Hance

Stephen Hance’s Legal Guides

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  • Real Estate Arbitrations

    Bringing or defending a lawsuit in federal or state district courts is an outrageously expensive endeavor. Even simple cases in state district courts will likely costs more than $25,000.00 in attorneys fees to have a trial. In real estate transactions and increasingly in many ot...

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  • Fiduciary Duties for Officers, Directors and Shareholders of Small Businesses

    We are frequently approached by shareholders or members of small businesses struggling to figure out what duties they have to the company or whether others involved with the company have run afoul of such duties. Typical issues include: Mismanagement that has resulted in serio...

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  • Non Compete Agreements in Minnesota

    Non-Compete Agreements Our business clients often seek our advice regarding agreements not to compete. Agreements not to compete are often found in Minnesota between businesses and key employees, but are also properly used in other contexts. Such agreements are also often known...

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