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Howard Aaron Lazarus

About Howard Lazarus

About me


The Internal Revenue Service is aggressive about collecting money they believe is owed. Thus, you need someone equally aggressive to represent you in both drafting your tax return and defending it. Whether your needs are simple or complex, Howard’s legal, accounting and business background allow Howard to comprehensively service your legal, financial, managerial and strategic needs. 


We have the experience to help the highly trained professional who would rather practice his/her own profession than be entangled in day-to-day administration. Howard has experience in helping professionals in insurance, law, medicine and consulting. As a member of both the Minnesota Bar and the Minnesota Society of Certified Public Accountants, Howard brings you a holistic approach to tax, business and legal service.


As an editor in an academic journal, assistant to the General Counsel of a major league baseball team, head of his own law firm and comptroller of a small business Howard developed the ability to think creatively, pay attention to detail, be mindful of the big picture while maintaining integrity. This allows Howard to understand the passion, energy and sacrifice involved in growing a business. Howard will invest the same kind of commitment in you and your future and work hard to help you succeed. Howard can also alert you to potential problems before they occur.


As assistant staff judge advocate and Captain in the U.S. Air Force and as an assistant to a U.S. Senator Howard became a specialist in regulatory compliance. By managing the day to day accounting of a law office in Century City, California Howard became proficient in project management. By working for West Group Howard gained proficiency in using cutting edge technology. Howard combines all these with a broad technical tax base, an innovative mind-set and a focus on knowledge sharing.


By representing clients in the audit defense, tax litigation and civil litigation fields Howard has gained experience in effective client representation. Through Howard’s high school and college debate and speech experience he learned how to be fast on his feet, verbally. He has dealt with both federal and state taxing authorities, both administratively and in Tax Court. 


Through extensive work for entrepreneurs and growth businesses Howard has gained experience in business planning, estate and tax planning. Howard has a practical understanding of a variety of issues you will face in your business.


Howard goes beyond the numbers. He cares about you and your business. As your business grows you can count on our firm to be there for you, since we’ll be growing with you. We are always ready to listen to your concerns and goals and suggest business strategies.


In addition to Howard’s above background Howard is also a skilled researcher and writer. As of the end of 2004, while Andrews Minnesota Jury Verdicts published to its customers more than 300 cases, over eighty per cent (80%) of such cases had been discovered and documents from which obtained by Mr. Lazarus and his assistant, Debra J. Lazarus. This provision consisted of over one thousand (1000) documents from trial level cases. Mr. Lazarus delivered these cases from a Twin Cities wide scope of coverage, consisting of Ramsey, Dakota, Hennepin and Scott counties and more.


           The reason that Mr. Lazarus was able to discover, obtain and procure at least five times the coverage of West’s other “runners” is that he used a unique system. While others depended on citations in newspapers and already published appellate cases to discover trial level cases, Mr. Lazarus utilized local judgment books, case lists and internal (of the court itself) computerized docket report systems.


           As a skilled researcher Howard is ideally suited to provide research assistance to fellow attorneys, since he also has access to legal research search engines. Furthermore, Howard has several years experience providing motion practice, brief and legal instrument drafting and document review for other attorneys.


           Howard’s history as a writer starts long before he authored case summaries for West / Andrews. Howard gained honors at the undergraduate level by authoring a thesis on modern Middle East politics. As a staff member of the Cardozo Arts and Entertainment Law Journal he authored a note on the antitrust and eminent domain issues involved with the move of the NFL Raiders franchise from Oakland to Los Angeles. As a member of the Air Force Judge Advocate he authored a note on the taxation of military retirement pay. He also gained a Masters in Business Taxation by authoring a thesis on the history of tax rates.

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