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Maria E. Maier

Maria Maier’s reviews

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  • Best Lawyer out there!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Bunny

    Maria is one to trust to get the job done! Very good at what she does and gives you a sense a relief that you can rely on her to take care of it. I would recommend her to anyone that wants to win!

  • Terrific Attorney!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Maria handled my messy divorce and 5 years of residual issues in a concise manner with knowledge, fairness (to all parties involved) and with a calmness that help me get though those difficult years. I never felt in the dark, Maria always took the time to explain the why's, how's and possible outcomes. No matter what curve ball my ex threw, Maria had already laid the ground work or was able develop a plan that prevailed in the end. Maria's method of maintaining the highroad, sticking to the facts, made my divorce much less ugly. You can't go wrong retaining Maria Maier as your attorney.

  • Maria E. Maier - my great lawyer!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tim

    I can't begin to express how amazing Maria was in handling my case. I filed for divorce in August of 2009 and my ex-wife immediately began an unimaginable mud-slinging campaign in an effort to gain sole custody of our children. I wanted to reply in kind and engage in that battle to refute all the lies my ex was putting forth. But, Maria had a great game plan which she came up with after our first court appearance. We would simply stick to the facts. At first, it was difficult to sit back and let my character be assassinated time and time again. However, it was very easy to trust the strategy that Maria had in place.

    There were several times during my case that the outlook seemed bleak. I would get uptight, panicked or nervous. Maria was always there to explain the divorce process and tell me why we need to maintain our strategy. She was always available to answer any question, no matter how trivial it might have been. She would explain in detail why things were relevant to the court. Even if I had naïve questions like as why they were relevant, Maria explained how my course of action be in my best interests (and the best interests of my children) and how my actions would work in my favor in the long run. To say she has a firm grasp on divorce law and the entire divorce process would be a vast understatement.

    It is now October of 2010 and my case has just concluded. I’m absolutely convinced Maria is part soothsayer. Her strategy played out exactly as we had discussed back in 2009. The custody evaluation worked out in my favor, just as Maria said it would. The judge saw through the mudslinging of my ex and focused on the facts, just as Maria said she would. While there are no winners in a divorce, I feel truly vindicated that I stuck to my convictions (thanks to Maria’s guidance) and the judge ruled very heavily in my favor.

    This was the first instance I needed a lawyer for more than one day. I am absolutely elated that I chose Maria Maier to be that lawyer. Her expertise and guidance helped me through a very difficult transition in my life. I wouldn’t wish a divorce on anybody, but I would highly recommend Maria to anyone who needs an expert lawyer on their side should they find themselves facing a divorce.

    Thanks Maria!!

  • Organized and effective communicator with great strategy skills

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Steen

    I have dealt with lawyers in my professional capacity, but Maria Maier was the first I had retained for personal use. I found the communication with Maria to be fast effective and to the point. It provide for a very comfortable experience.

    Marie also proved to be very organized which was very necessary for a case involving 1000's of pages of documentation, and for managing pre-trial documentation.

    For trial Maria demonstrated the ability to generate an effective strategy, and to in a superb fashion seize on opportunities for impacting the case.

    Throughout my dealings with Maria I have continually felt and experienced that she was on top of things, and two steps ahead of my thoughts. She was very receptive to any suggestions that I had, and it is without hesitation that I offer my recommendation of her.