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  • If your company pays 100% for your health insurance and pays 50% for the other employees health insurance

    If your company pays 100% for your health insurance and pays 50% for the other employees health insurance, can you sue the employer for unequal treatment?

    William’s Answer

    So long as the plan is approved, and the plan documents are followed by the company, there is not necessarily a problem. Similarly situated employees must be treated the same, but different levels of employees (e.g. executives vs. hourly employees) may be treated differently under the plan documents.

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  • What do only one of the member's social security number required mean in LLC with two members? Is that only person responsible?

    We just formed LLC with two members and EIN in MA. But they required only one social security number. Will it be both members equally responsible in all matter ? If it will make one member who has produced his social security number be responsible...

    William’s Answer

    Members share in the profits, losses, and liabilities (including taxes) based upon the terms of the member control agreement. If you do not have a member control agreement, then you should draft one to clarify the situation. there may be statutory defaults to address some of the issues that may arise, but the defaults will not necessarily address everything that may happen.

    If you are unsure about what to put into a member control agreement, then contact a local attorney for assistance. The process is not complex and should not be expensive for a two member LLC.

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  • I want to sell my car to my girlfriend temporally. will a contract signed by her for a year of use stand up in court if ends bad

    i want to let her use and will sign title to her but only for a year ... how do i protect myself from her runing off with the car... can i ?

    William’s Answer

    If you intend to retain ownership after the use period, what is the purpose of transferring the title? Draft a contract for use for a year, but retain title.

    If you fear responsibility for something she may do because you are on the title, then don't agree to let her use it.

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  • Is it legal for Rent-a-Center to request a copy of my house deed just so I can rent to own an item?

    I rented the item 2 days ago and was supposed to take the deed yesterday but had other things come up and today, the manager of Rent-A-Center called me asking about getting a copy of the deed.

    William’s Answer

    Your deed is a public document filed with the county recorder's office, so there is nothing private or secret about it. Presumably this is part of their credit inquiry process. If you agreed to do it, and you want to continue with the rent-to-own agreement, then go ahead and provide the requested information. Be sure to make timely payments going forward, as they are likely interested in additional enforcement options beyond repossession of the property in the event of default. Review your contract and be sure you understand what may happen in the event of default, and if you are uncomfortable with those terms, and you still have an option to cancel the contract, get out now.

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  • Is it legal for a credit union to make unauthorized withdrawals from a members' savings account?

    First Community credit union recently withdrew funds from my savings account without permission.

    William’s Answer

    Write or call your bank immediately but no later than 60 days from the date of the first statement that contains the error was mailed to you. Give your name, account number, dollar amount and date in question. Explain why you believe there is an error. If you call, you may be asked to send this information in writing within 10 days.
    The bank must notify you of the results of its investigation. If there was an error, the bank must correct it promptly. If it finds no error, the bank must explain in writing why it believes no error occurred and let you know that it has deducted any amount re-credited during the investigation. The bank must also inform you that you may ask for copies of documents relied on by the bank during in the investigation.

    If the foregoing does not help, you may want to seek a free consult with a local attorney to determine if there is any actionable conduct and what your options are.

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  • Need a good IRS Tax Attorney

    Need Innocent Spouse Tax Debt Relief Tax attorney in Minneapolis, Minnesota area a/s/a/p

    William’s Answer

    Try Teresa Molinaro:

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  • Does filing a Motion to Dismiss extend my time to answer admissions or request my own discovery.

    I will be filing a Motion to Dismiss a debt collection complaint tomorrow in NJ. However, I never responded to the request for admissions nor sent my own discovery. The time requirements have not elapsed for either. Should I still proceed as if...

    William’s Answer

    You need to answer pending discovery within the prescribed time limits. Filing a motion to dismiss will not extend those deadlines.

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  • How should I handle my wage garnishment, bankruptcy or pay off?

    I have 1 unsettled debt. A judgement was obtained in court for 7200. I opted for no taxes taken out this year to help my wife with her debt. Now that her bankruptcy is done and our wedding is out of the way, my company has reduced hours to 30/wk a...

    William’s Answer

    In addition to the foregoing advice, contact Kanabec County Financial Assistance and ask about completing the Combined Application Form for MN Dept. of Human Services.
    They can assist you in determining whether you are eligible for short-term financial assistance, foods stamps or EBT, and medical coverage assistance if you do not currently receive health care benefits. These services can really help you, and the county service people are very understanding and can guide you through the process.

    The form is available here:

    Kanabec County Family Services info is available here:{CC2C19C1-30AD-4E09-9F37-642FA505EB72}
    or call (320) 679-6350.

    Good luck

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  • Builder will not complete work on our home.

    We moved into our home on December 7, 2010. We did so realizing that due to weather conditions some exterior work could not be completed before we took occupancy. The contract states that they must compete unfinished work by July 31, 2011. Whi...

    William’s Answer

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    Now that July 31 has passed, the builder is in breach of the contract. Read you contract to determine what the dispute resolution procedures are (many construction agreements provide for a specific dispute resolution forum and procedures for resolving them). You will also need to document the breach, so send a written notice to the builder advising them of work that remains incomplete as of August 1, 2011, and request a written response.

    This is something that you can probably work out with the builder, but you will want to keep written records of your attempts to resolve the outstanding issues in the event that you cannot reach agreement.

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  • Purchased a home (system built) & the home builder did a very poor job on the faux fireplace. Home builder they would replace.

    A mason was approved, worked 4 days on replacing the fireplace with real "stacked" stone after talking to the builder extensively. Mason faxed the invoice to the builder. NOTHING was said about replacing the fireplace with faux stone. Builder, ...

    William’s Answer

    The party that contracted with the mason is probably responsible for the mason's work. If the mason is not paid, he may lien your property or commence a civil action to recover in quantum meruit from you for the value added to your property by virtue of his work.

    You will need to straighten things out between you and the builder regarding who authorized what. Gather all written information you have, including any notes you made during phone calls, and bring the information to an attorney for a consultation. It is not really possible to tell you anything more without seeing the papers that passed among the parties.

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