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Simoni v. Ogundeyi

Case Conclusion Date: 11.02.2011

Practice Area: Car accident

Outcome: Jury verdict of $201,525.39 for the plaintiff.

Description: Mr. Simoni was northbound on Shingle Creek Parkway when the defendant turned directly in of him. Mr. Simoni's car was total loss. The defandant admitted fault for the collision on the day of trial, but denied that Mr. Simoni's injuries (neck, back and shoulder) were serious or permanant in nature. Mr. Simoni underwent chiropractic and physical therapy treatment. Neither Mr. Simoni's treating doctors nor the defendant's doctor recommended surgery, although both doctors said that he might possibly need future surgery. The defendat's doctor testified that any future surgery was not related to any injuries Mr. Simoni may have sustained in the motor vehicle collision, but rather would be from a pre-existing condition.

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