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Carlson v. Lundgren

Case Conclusion Date: 02.24.2009

Practice Area: Personal injury

Outcome: Jury verdict of $489,333.32 for the plaintiff.

Description: James Carlson, was driving eastbound in the left lane of highway 94 near St. Cloud, MN. He was following several car lengths behind the defendant, Jennifer Lundrgren, when she lost control of her vehicle while talking on a cell phone. Her vehicle veered onto the left shoulder then crossed back in front of Mr. Calrlson;'s vehicle and into the right lane, forcing a semi-trailer onto the right shoulder. She appeared to re-again control of her vehicle but then veered onto the right shoulder and then shot back across the right and then the left lanes of highway 94, striking Mr. Carllson's vehicle and pushing it through the median strip and directly into the path of an oncoming semi-trailer. The impact of the collision was severe and the resulting injuries to Mr. Carlson and his three passengers were serious. The defendant herself was not injured Mr. Carlson was taken via amulance to St. Cloud Hospital, where he was diagnosed with a fractured claivical and a torn rotator cuff in his right shoulder. He eventually required surgical treatment for non-union of his clavical and two surgical repairs for his torn rotator cuff. He was also later diagnosed with a cervical disc herniation which did not require surgical care. His medical bills totaled $59,166.32. The intial offer from the defendant's insurance company was $50,000.00 and just before trial the offer was $110,000.00. Mr. Carlson was professional carpenter and painter and his shoulder injury affected his ability to perform his work duties. This matter was tried before Honorable Stephen Halsey and the jury returned a verdict favorable to Mr. Carlson in the amount of $489,333.32.

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