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Cameron Royal Kelly

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  • Basic Estate Planning Tools That Every Person Should Know About

    Basic Estate Planning Tools That Every Person Should Know About Most people will, or should, have a will drafted at some point during their life. If you have picked a competent attorney to draft your will, chances are he or she will also discuss a health care directive and durab...

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  • Do Good Fences Make Good Neighbors?

    Do good fences make good neighbors? Minnesotans love hanging out with their neighbors, grilling, watching their kids play together or just sharing a good story. Imagine this suddenly ending because one of the neighbors wants to put up a fence, a retaining wall, or even a garden, ...

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  • 5 advantages of starting an LLC

    LLCs offer plenty of advantages, including protection against personal liability, tax perks, and flexible ownership models.

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  • Commercial Landords May Be Liable for Tenant Improvements If Not Disclaimed

    Commercial landlords should take note of Minnesota Statute, section 514.06, which is designed to allow property owners to protect their property from being subjected to mechanics liens for improvements made by other parties like tenants or purchasers. Generally, mechanics liens ...

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    Most homeowners and owners of real estate have seen an abstract of title. An abstract is evidence of transactions that affect the owner's property, but does not provide any assurance to the owner that they hold good title to their property. In order to assure that they hold goo...

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  • The Attorney's Role in the Purchase of Investment Real Estate.

    Finding the Right Advice in Your Commercial Real Estate Purchase Purchasing commercial or investment properties is a complicated process that begins with your evaluation of which property is right for you. Depending on your area of expertise or risk tolerance, this might range f...

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  • Financing a Purchase when a Conventional Mortgage is not an Option

    Alternative Financing Methods in a Slow Real Estate Market Most real estate transactions involve buyers financing the transaction through a combination of cash and conventional financing with a mortgage lender. With conventional financing, the seller receives payment for the rea...

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  • Cancellations of Residential Purchase Agreements in Minnesota

    Cancellations of Residential Purchase Agreements in Minnesota Occasionally either a buyer or a seller will need to cancel a purchase agreement either because a contingency has not been satisfied, or because the other party has failed to close. Traditionally in Minnesota there h...

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