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Michael J Corbin

Michael Corbin’s Legal Guides

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  • IP Law 101

    Every new business, whether the size of General Motors or a one-person start-up in someone's garage (anyone remember a little company named Microsoft?), starts on the same basic premise-an idea. An idea that you can do a job no one else can. An idea that your product or service ...

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  • Aviation Law 101

    There are numerous aspects to aviation law that affect every pilot, from the student all the way up to the air transport pilot. Issues ranging from a pilot wanting to buy his or her own plane to a pilot facing an FAA administrative action can pop-up without a moment's notice. Thi...

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  • Minnesota Child Custody - the Basics

    Basically, there are two (2) types of child custody in Minnesota - legal and physical. Legal custody refers to the "big issues" - schooling, religion, healthcare, etc. Physical custody refers to the "day-to-day" issues that primarily concern the parent with whom the child is li...

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  • Minnesota Child Support 101

    Beginning in 2007, Minnesota law requires that a court take both parents' income into consideration when determining a child support payment. The percentage of support attributable to each parent will vary depending on each parent's net income, amount of time spent with the chil...

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