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Tajara Dommershausen

Tajara Dommershausen’s Legal Guides

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  • Retail Theft Letter

    After a retail theft. you could receive a civil demand letter from law offices who send them out in bulk and claim the person must pay a fine. That is rarely the case and the money demanded is falsely characterized as a fine.This is rarely true and the money is called a fine; unf...

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  • Revocation Procedures

    This is a brief procedural guide for when your agent accuses you of violating your rules of supervision. Arrest If your agent suspects you of violating your rules, you may be arrested and taken to the county jail. It will likely be a few days before you see your agent or another...

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  • Divorce Tips

    Divorce Tips 1. Seek proper legal representation (i.e., retain a local attorney who specializes in divorce or family law). 2. Follow your attorney's advice. 3. Discuss your divorce problems with your attorney only -- not with others, although they may inquire. Friends and rela...

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  • Divorce alternatives

    In addition to the traditional divorcelitigation representation,both collaborative divorce and divorce mediation services are ways to proceed with a divorce in a much less aggressive manner. As a divorcemediator,I do not take a side.My role is to help a couple to communicate and...

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  • Additional consequences to conviction

    In criminal cases,a skilled attorney can also help eliminate some of the unknown and collateral consequences that can occur if someone is not represented by counsel or is represented by counsel that is not well versed in criminal law and criminal defense. Some collateral conseque...

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