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Andrew Morgan’s Legal Guides

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  • In Wisconsin, Withdrawing a Plea of Guilty or No Contest

    Background These days the courts are so clogged with criminal cases that prosecutors settle most, the fight being mainly over what terms. In Wisconsin, the judge will not participate in plea negotia

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  • Recantations and Their Effect

    The Recanting Accuser When someone accuses you of something, then takes it back, that accuser is said to have “recanted.” Recantations turn up most commonly in domestic abuse or sex assault cases.

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  • Rape Shield Law in Wisconsin

    Background In times past, a common defense against an accusation of sexual assault was to say, “we did have sex but she consented, and you should believe that she consented because look at her promis

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  • Ignorance of the (Criminal) Law is No Excuse, But Other Mistakes May Be

    Mistake as to Criminal Law The general rule is that mistake about what's against the law is no excuse. Mistake as to Other Law If the mistake is about a law other than criminal law, then it may be an

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  • Self-Defense in Wisconsin

    A quick look at self-defense in Wisconsin, as well as the associated rights of defense of others and defense of property.

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  • How to Easily Find / Look up Any Wisconsin Statute

    Follow The Link Below to the Wisconsin Statutes Table of Contents The link below (under "Additional Resources") will open in a new window on your browser. Once there you can scroll through the entir

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  • Your Right to Confront Your Accuser

    The Right to Confront is not Bulletproof The United States Constitution gives you the right to confront your accusers in any criminal trial. In most other hearings, you don't directly have that con

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