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Kevin W. Davidson

Kevin Davidson’s Legal Guides

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  • How to Place a Valid Construction Lien in Wisconsin

    Timely Notice of Lien Rights is Key The statutes contain several alternative requirements depending on specific circumstances. As with all areas of law, there is significantly more nuance than can b

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  • Homeowner's Insurance Coverage for Jewelry

    Not All Policies Were Created Equal First, not all homeowner's policies provide coverage for jewelry. There are several different standard "ISO" policy formats on which almost all residential propert

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  • Insurance Fraud Statutes in Wisconsin

    Recent Appelate opinion reiterates statutory interpretation of fraud. Commiting felony insurance fraud is as easy as one-two-three in Wisconsin. This is no new development, but, in a recent unpublish

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  • Considerations For Establishing an Offshore Enterprise

    Factors To Consider Regarding Offshore Jurisdictions. Whether an offshore entity is appropriate and which jurisdiction may be most advantageous depends on many factors. The corporate structure and c

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