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Jonathan M. Fritz

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  • Is a new Internet business concept eligible to seek legal patent \ copyright protection?

    I believe my business idea is the first of its kind. As the business catches on, it will necessitate the involvement of virtually every law enforcement agency in the country. I can not seem to find one website that is clear on whether or not I sho...

    Jonathan’s Answer

    Depending upon the nature of your business it may be possible to protect your method of doing business through a patent. Currently, methods of doing business are deemed patentable subject matter in the U.S. However, the law has changed recently in this area, and is currently in flux. Attached is an article I recently wrote which briefly discusses these changes.

    Another avenue for "protection", which can be applicable to most new ventures is trademark protection. Identifying a word, phrase, or tag line which acts as an identifier of the source of goods and/or services provided by a business can be quite powerful.

    Whether trademark, patent or other form of "protection" it is a good idea to perform due diligence before implementing your business venture. Due dilligence can take the form of prior art searches (patent), trademark searches and other information gathering and risk analysis.

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