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Daniel B. Purtell

Daniel Purtell’s Legal Guides

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  • Estate Taxes

    What is the Estate Tax? There are two types of death taxes that you should be concerned about: federal estate taxes and state estate taxes. The federal estate tax is computed as a percentage of you

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  • Non-Traditional Families and Estate Planning

    Unmarried Couples If unmarried couples fail to properly plan, the result can be devastating to either partner or their family. Having no estate plan, or relying upon a Will, Joint Tenancy, or Tenancy

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  • Important Planning Considerations for Business Owners

    Lawsuit & Asset Protection In today's litigious world, you've never faced greater threat from predators who will try to use the legal system to deprive you of your life's work. These legal battles ca

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  • What is a Special Needs Trust?

    What is a Special Needs Trust? A Special Needs Trust is a trust that holds assets for the benefit of a beneficiary with special needs. It is specifically designed to provide for the beneficiary’s nee

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  • What are some common estate planning documents?

    Will A will is a written document that tells the court how to divide your property at the time of death. It also tells the court who should be the guardian for your minor children and your executor.

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