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Charles K. Kenyon Jr.

Charles Kenyon’s Legal Guides

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  • Gun Rights and Domestic Violence Crimes in Wisconsin - Firearms Rights

    Wisconsin applies a Domestic Abuse Surcharge to certain crimes. Conviction of those may or may not qualify a defendant for a lifetime ban on firearms possession. This is something that must be discuss

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  • Civil Demand Letters - Retail Theft - Shoplifting - In addition to or instead of criminal charges

    To aid retailers fight shoplifting, legislatures around the country passed Civil Remedy statutes that let the retailer sue shoplifters, not just for the cost of the product, but also for the cost of their efforts to catch shoplifters. They are using these statutes for a legalized form of blackmail.

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  • Drunk Driving (OWI / DUI / DWI) Treatment Court in Dane County Wisconsin

    This is an overview of the Dane County Treatment Court for certain 3rd-offense OWI defendants. This is not the court that decides whether or not you are guilty, it is a treatment court -- like a drug court. This is a program in its infancy and is changing quickly.

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  • Should I talk to the police? Advice from experienced criminal defense lawyers and police!

    This is a short essay on talking to the police with links to important videos.

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  • Misdemeanor Drunk Driving (OWI / DUI / DWI) Court in Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin.

    Misdemeanor DUI / OWI (Drunk Driving) Court - Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin Criminal Cases In Wisconsin all drunk driving charges after the first one are criminal charges handled in Circuit Court. First offense cases are not charged as crimes unless there is a minor in the car...

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  • Can I get a DUI in Wisconsin while legally parked? In a parking lot!???

    When people think of a DUI charge they think of drinking and driving. They do not think about being in a parked car, not going anywhere. Wisconsin has a broad definition of "operating" and an even broader definition of "highway." Both definitions come into play when answering this question.

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  • Juvenile? Adult? Child? in Wisconsin these are distinctions that can make a difference

    For most purposes, someone becomes an adult in Wisconsin at the age of 18. For purposes of being treated as a criminal, that same person becomes an adult at age 17 and in some cases as early as 10! The same person can be both an adult a child in the same incident.

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