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Jason Knutson

Jason Knutson’s Legal Guides

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  • Undocumented Citizens in Wisconsin Can Bring Personal Injury Claims

    Undocumented immigrants have standing to bring suits for injuries negligently inflicted upon them in Wisconsin. I. Undocumented Immigrants Likely Have Standing to Bring Personal Injury Suits in Wiscon

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  • Automatic Meal Break Deduction Policies in Hospitals: Federal and Wisconsin Law Issues

    Many hospitals in Wisconsin and across the country have implemented automatic meal break deduction policies for nurses and other hourly healthcare employees. FEDERAL LAW ISSUES FLSA Requirements. Emp

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  • Can Bicycles Ride Side by Side?

    In Wisconsin, two bicyclists may ride side by side as long as they do not impede the normal and reasonable movement of traffic. [1] What impeding traffic means is an open question. While the law may not tell us exactly what it means to impede traffic, we do know that no bicyclist...

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    I. STRATEGIES TO HELP AVOID AN ENCOUNTER WITH A DOG 1. Stop and get off your bicycle. 2. Shout at the dog, the owner, and anyone else nearby. 3. Change your speed. 4. Make friends with the dog. 5

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