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Ginger L. Murray

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  • Whose side are you on?!?!

    1.0 star

    Anonymous review posted on

    I am a mother of three. I have an undergraduate degree in both Sociology and Social Work as well as a Masters in Counseling. I have been working professionally to help others with tough situations for almost 20 years.

    I have recently been forced into a tough situation myself involving one of my children with special needs.

    In the process of seeking an attorney to help me with a child custody/support situation, I found Ginger Murray and she "looks great on paper" so I scheduled a consultation the very first moment I was made aware of the upcoming hearing. I was placed on her calendar almost two weeks out, leaving me with only five days until the hearing. I was initially fine with waiting patiently for my scheduled phone consultation time, but she later made me feel as though this turnaround time was my fault as she would not be available.

    Not only was Ginger rude and completely unprofessional in my opinion, she left me in tears after insisting that I needed to "do some soul-searching" as she "was not here to make (my) life decisions for (me)." She made me feel like the ABSOLUTE WORST mother on the planet without truly listening to my explanation of the situation.

    I left the phone consultation with the feeling that she very obviously did not have the time nor the patience to deal with my "hot mess" of a situation, as she referred to it.

    In addition to leaving this 30 minute phone consultation feeling verbally abused, belittled, and judged, I had received zero legal advice. Instead, the time was spent interrogating me on "why haven't you done this yet?!" or "why haven't you done that yet?!"

    I was simply seeking some legal guidance on what my options were in this situation. My lack of legal knowledge was thrown back in my face like adding salt to a wound.

    I wouldn't have believed it myself had I not experienced it firsthand, Ginger Murray made an extremely painful, heart-wrenching situation even more confusing and terrifying.

    Consulted attorney
  • Divorce Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Becky

    Divorce is hard at any age. But for me I was 66, married 43 years and used to relying on my ex-husband for my future financial planning. Ginger and her team listened to me, sorted through my mess and dealt with my ex husband's difficult attorney. She directed me to other professionals when I needed more assistance. The team always kept me informed in a very professional manner when often I may not have been. I am forever grateful to Ginger and her team.

    Hired attorney
    Ginger L. Murray’s response: “Thank you for the kind words Becky. It was truly our honor to help you through this difficult stage in your life. I wish you well in your retirement and with those new grand babies!”
  • way too expensive

    2.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    difficult to get appointment, limited time to listen you and the most expensive attorney of Madison.

    Ginger L. Murray’s response: “I am sorry to learn that you had a difficult time getting an appointment/time with me. Sometimes when I have trials or conference commitments that does make for a hectic calendar. I believe the demands for my time and my 18+ years of experience justify my hourly rate of $300. Thank you for giving me the "excellent" rating for trustworthiness and knowledge despite your frustrations in getting more time with me. Best wishes to you!”
  • Fast response

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Assistant emailed me right away to set up free 30 minutes phone consultation to discuss my concerns. Will be addressing this next week.

    Consulted attorney
  • Everything I needed from a divorce attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kevin

    Ginger and Kari and everyone at Your Family Law were so helpful in the outcome of my divorce. I think they have a unique sense of who you are and from that determine what you need. Ginger's strength and determination, mixed with years of experience afforded me the ability to sit back and let her do her job. Guaranteed, smartest person in the room. Her extensive lists of contacts, from divorce coaches to advisors made life so much easier when things were at their most confusing. And Kari at YFL was hands-on, easy to work with and just terrific. She's Very accessible.
    Never having to have gone through a divorce before, they made everything feel safe. Their confidence was assuring. I don't know it necessary to generally like your divorce attorneys, but with this group, it was easy.

    Ginger L. Murray’s response: “Thank you Kevin. It was an honor to represent you. You are clearly a great dad: I'm glad we were able to get the results you deserve!!”
  • A Great Custody Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kim

    Ginger at Lawtoncates Help me get Sole Legal Custody and Primary Placement of my Son .She is a great lawyer she will fight for you and help you .Ginger is very knowlegeable and knows what she is doing. I'm very happy because My Son is safe today and is with Me and My Son is Very Happy has well. If you need a lawyer for Custody Get Ginger at L&C Thanks Ginger