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David Carlton Zoeller

About David Zoeller

About me

Attorney David Zoeller has a passion for representing workers, and is an experienced litigator who will fight for your wages and benefits. Attorney Zoeller is a Shareholder at Hawks Quindel. His practice focuses on helping employees recover unpaid wages, including overtime wages, through both individual and class action cases. Beyond this, he is an experienced Madison social security disability attorney who regularly represents disabled workers at all levels of the SSI and/or SSDI appeal process, including claims in federal court.


Wage and Hour Litigator


Attorney Zoeller represents both individuals and classes of employees in recovering wages. Through class and collective actions, Attorney Zoeller has helped thousands of workers recover millions of dollars in unpaid overtime wages. Additionally, Attorney Zoeller frequently litigates wage and hour claims on behalf of one or a handful of individuals. Because wage and hour laws provide a right to recover attorney’s fees, Hawks Quindel is typically able to take these claims without any upfront payment of attorney’s fees or costs, and with no recovery of attorney’s fees unless we recover wages for you.


Social Security Disability Attorney


At Hawks Quindel, we strive to offer clients personal, thorough, and highly effective legal representation. As a social security disability client, you will work with a team of Madison staff and attorneys with the depth and breadth of experience needed to see your claim through from application to approval. Attorney Zoeller will work directly with you at each step of the process, and is an experienced advocate with a track record of success in social security disability hearings. Our Madison social security attorney team has both the compassion and persistence to see your claim through what can a be difficult process.

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