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Chad E. Kemp

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  • Can I be held responsible for any legal judgments against my roommate since he lives in my home?

    He is starting a business and personal bankruptcy and I expect he is going to owe a lot of back taxes.

    Chad’s Answer

    No. As long as you have not signed as a co-signer you are not responsible for the debts of your roommate.

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  • How can I stop a repossession when my bankruptcy attorney didn't submit a reaffirmation and my chapter 7 recently discharged?

    I went to the meeting of creditors and the commissioner mentioned there was no reaffirmation on file, so he could not close the case. He told my attorney to submit the reaffirmation and gave me another date to go back to court. My attorney told me...

    Chad’s Answer

    Generally speaking the issue is that you fell behind on the payments. The creditor still has to get permission to repossess. You should call the creditor and see if you can work out a plan to catch up on the payments.

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  • If i file bankruptcy can they take the money i have saved from last years taxes?

    I believe i owe about 9K and have about 2K in the bank. I want to file bankruptcy b/c there is no way i will be able to pay it all back and want to wipe my credit clean so i can start rebuilding. Im on state help, just moved out of my apartment so...

    Chad’s Answer

    If you feel that you need to file bankruptcy, you may be able you use the state or federal exemptions to keep your tax return. Each case is different and you would need to consult with a bankruptcy attorney to discuss your situation.


    Chad Kemp

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