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Bernard J. Powers

Bernard Powers’s Answers

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  • Wisconsin Resident concerned about going into a nursing home.

    I’m a Wisconsin resident and I am concerned about having to go into a nursing home. If I go into a nursing home, will the state make me sell my house?

    Bernard’s Answer

    Maybe. In Wisconsin the principal residence is a conditional exempt asset. If a Medicaid recipient goes into a nursing home and expresses the intent to return to the residence or has a community spouse (spouse not receiving benefits), disabled or blind child living there, the State may not make you sell your home. Every situation is unique and there are many factors that affect this answer. There may also be planning strategies available to help you. I encourage you to seek the advice of an experienced attorney to review your situation.

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  • For purposes of Medicaid in Wisconsin, what assets are exempt?

    Getting up there in age and want to make sure I can protect myself.

    Bernard’s Answer

    I agree with Attorney Pauli. Each individual situation is unique, therefore I encourage you to seek the advice of an elder law attorney.

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