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Teri M. Nelson

About Teri Nelson

About me

I have a unique philosophy in handling Family Law matters. I believe that every client deserves my time in terms of individual attention and my experience so that they have the best representation possible to guide them through one of the most difficult experiences in their life. I have a strong commitment to excellent personal service to my clients and believe my clients appreciate my quick and truthful responses to their questions and concerns.


No one wants an expensive, difficult or time-consuming divorce experience. Therefore, I am committed to giving my clients a quick, civilized and fair resolution to their family law matter. To do that, I provide my clients with an accurate picture of what to expect, what the personal and financial costs are likely to be, and what their legal options are. I strongly believe that providing clients with realistic information empowers them to make good legal decisions for themselves. However, if a resolution cannot be accomplished, I have over 20 years of family law experience and I am known as a tough and competent litigator with excellent results in the courtroom.