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John W. Carini

John Carini’s Legal Guides

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  • Basic Facts of Bail / Bond

    The Basics Your attorney will need to know some facts in order to argue for bail/bond. If you are showing up for court on your own, pursuant to a ticket, warrant, or order, then the fact that you sho

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  • How to Dress for Court, Especially Criminal Court

    Dress appropriately, meaning modestly. Some people would say, “Dress for Church,” but I have seen such an extreme range of attire, from suits, to ridiculously inappropriate “daisy dukes” shorts, to r

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  • Your First Appearance in Criminal Court

    This is a simple guide as to what to expect in your first trip to criminal court, with or without an attorney. You have been arrested and may be in custody or may be reporting to court as ordered by a ticket or criminal complaint. The circumstances vary. But here you are. Here is what to expect.

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