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Matthew L. MacKelly

Matthew MacKelly’s Legal Guides

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  • Answers to Employment Dispute Questions Might be Found in Your Employee Handbook

    Is there an anti-discrimination and/or anti-harassment policy? If there is not an anti-discrimination and/or anti-harassment policy in the handbook or the an existing policy is vague, ambiguous, or i

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  • How To Avoid Being a Victim of Pregnancy Discrimination

    Refusal to Hire Due to Preganancy Refusing to hire you for a job you are qualified and able to perform because you are pregnant is discrimination. You must be treated the same as non-pregnant employm

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  • Employment References in Wisconsin: When can the employer be liable?

    Be Honest and Objective When making representations about former employees to others, all communications should be truthful and in good faith. Verify The Source of The Referral Request and The Reason

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