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Brian H. Mahany

Brian Mahany’s reviews

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  • Great Knowledgeable Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Mr Mahany helped me win my case, when everything was looking bleak. I was unhappy with my attorney at the time of my case and we were getting nowhere. I was told by a friend of mine that had used Brian in the past, to contact him and meet with him. Upon reviewing my case, he came up with a great plan of action and so I hired him and he went right to work. The case was won and I am super appreciative of his help and action.

  • Tax Issue

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kyle

    I was informed by my CPA that I had a serious situation brewing with the IRS and suggested that I get legal representation. I went on the web to find the best Attorney that I could find and that is how I met Brian. He had great results from what I read and saw, so I contacted him and hired him for my case. He worked hard and ended up getting me out of the potential trouble and won my case.

    He is a great attorney and I thank him for all of his hard work.

  • Expertise

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Tax client

    Mr. Mahany helped with issues of offshore taxes. He was extremely knowledgeable to all of the questions that my case pertained. He explained terminology concerning the matter in basic form so that I could fully understand what I needed to do as well as why I was doing certain paperwork. He even responded during non business hours/weekends.

  • Bait and Switch

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Consumer Protection client

    I had a consultation with Brian regarding a bank robo signing, copy and paste matter on a Continuing Guarantee that a local FDIC troubled bank forged to attain my personal assets which I refused to pledge upon renewal of a commercial note. I never signed it and it was obviously a laser printed signature. I left the office wanting to hire him for a $10,000 quoted fee plus contingency of 40%, that quickly was increased to $15,000 which I didn't have. I had to represent myself pro se against several attorneys and a brutal judge. He re-approached me to see how the case was going, I was referred to a D. Laatsch that was attorney associate of Mahaney and Ertl. What a disaster! He didn't read the case, filed for a jury months too late to extort me out of money. He failed to pursue the fraud and forgery and failed to get a handwriting expert. The attorney said something to the effect "so what they forged your name, move on!". I was sick about the horrible representation. They then presented a "switched" retainer to not pursue the fraud but just to take 40% of the personal judgment gained by a forged guarantee. Horrible, horrible situation. Never had an attorney do so little, take the money, and basically concede to the opposition. Never ever put your trust in them. At any time, Brian could have taken over and done the right thing, but he didn't. Complete and total lack of integrity handling my case-I was robbed and left high and dry to have my credit and reputation ruined, as well as, have my personal assets open to seizure due to their lack of performance. I worked my whole life to pay off properties and the essential time frame was wasted by the constant bait and switch. $10k turned into $15k. Brian M. referred to lesser lawyer. Fraud retainer turned into 40% of judgment retainer. No forgery or fraud suit-horrible! I expected so much better or at least for the truth to be exposed and my innocence defended. Didn't happen.

    Brian H. Mahany’s response: “We were unable to take this person's case and instead referred her to an outside attorney, not an associate of the firm. Apparently she is unhappy with the attorney she ultimately retained.”
  • Incredible Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mbarriger

    Mr Mahany represented me in a case where the outcome was incredible. He achieved the WOW factor for my family. I constantly recommend him to others in the field as one of the best I have ever worked with. It is with highest recommendations that I reference him, and must truly say that I felt "Safe" with him on my side.