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Joseph W Seifert

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    Posted by Joshua

    I am strongly against social media and online reviews however I couldn't continue to be quiet about my horrible experience was with Joseph Seifert.

    After reading a few of the negative reviews and comments I felt like I was not alone. If an accusation happens once perhaps it is by chance. If it happens twice, maybe communication is an issue. But, when it happens 3 times there most likely is a lot of truth to it. I say this cause cause I have now read 3 negative reviews of this guy (1 on this website, and 2 through others), and they ALL say almost the exact same things about him. He does not return calls in a timely manor, if at all. He does not follow the wishes/instructions of his client, and he has little knowledge of the law.

    I terminated his services a few weeks ago and he continued to have communication with opposing counsel and bill me. His response is that he cannot be fired, the court must dismiss him. HA!

    He stated very clearly to me that he often over looks several of his emails cause "he gets too much SPAM", yet he communicates with opposing counsel by email. When I questioned him on this he confessed that it was entirely possible that he was missing important emails.

    He failed to get a hearing for a default judgement twice. The defendant has 20 days to respond to the complaint...they didnt respond in my case until approx 70 days! He had told me on 2 occasions that if they didnt respond he would get the hearing...well, he never did. Also, he claims that "judges do not like default judgements". Really Joe? Default Judgments are quick and easy and take little to no time. EVERY other attorney I have talked to thought you are, well, I wont repeat those words here.

    In summary, the guy is lazy and unorganized. Add this with his lack of legal knowledge and it spell DOOM for your case. I have reported him to the Department of Lawyer Regulation in Wisconsin and they are currently investigating him. I am doubtful if I had the evidence to have him disciplined but at least the record of the investigation is there along with this review to hopefully deter anyone from making the same mistake I did.

    Good luck to you all.

    Joseph W Seifert’s response: “Joshua is an angry unhappy person. So much so, that he filed two negative comments on this site to make his comment look more legitimate. The anonymous complaint prior to this one is from Joshua, as well. The Office of Lawyer Regulation fully investigated his complaint and found no violations or the law or rules of ethics. Since I have never charged Joshua any fees, or intended to because his was a contingency case, his complaints are disingenuous. I have never sent him a bill and I have never asked him to pay a bill. Any fee that I am entitled to is paid only by the Defendants if we win. I have, however, asked Joshua to seek counseling and psychological help for his anger management issues. I have not asked for anything from Joshua yet he continues to contact me repeatedly and displays obsessive behavior. When I respond to his numerous emails with a request to tell me the truth about what is concerning him he suddenly goes quiet and he refuses to tell me. I will stand by my legal record in repossession litigation (currently at 100%). Joshua knows that I have never lost one of these cases, but he wanted to play attorney. When I told him that filing, winning and collecting on a lawsuit was not possible in the span of only 5 months in Milwaukee County, he became angry and sought another attorney. That is his right. What is not his right, however, is to lie and misrepresent the facts along with his own behavior.”

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    Joe Seifert is perhaps one of the most incompetent people I have ever met! He does not respond to messages and fails to acknowledge specific instructions that are provided to him. After much dissatisfaction with him I have consulted a few other lawyers who have ALL told me that his actions are unacceptable. He is a heck of a salesman but a terrible lawyer. Keep searching..actually, run away!

    Joseph W Seifert’s response: “Please see the answer that I gave for the complaint subsequent to this one on April 3. This anonymous complaint is from him as well.”

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Taimur

    Mr. Seifert has been my lawyer for last 2 years. He initially helped me with my business legal problems, after knowing him for so long, i consult him for all type of legal issues from small to big. Best part is that he is not a rip off. He is reasonable with his rates and shows a lot of respect towards his clients. i always have enjoyed the warm cup of tea that he has always offered whenever i visit him. Great personality, i always do and will recommend him.