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Frank J. Schiro

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  • Hi my kids father has been telling me he is taking me to court and he says our court date is on the 27th of this month but i...

    have not recieved anything or been can i find out if we really have court?

    Frank’s Answer

    If he hasn't served you with papers, it may simply be a bluff. If you do get served ( should be at least 5 days in advance of hearing date for court to hold a hearing ) you would still have time to contact/hire an attorney to represent you. If you have any questions , please feel free to call me at 414-271-7776.

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  • Cant my husban be bail out of prison if it says hes not eligible for realeas?

    he just got arrested this sunday for intoxication while driving?

    Frank’s Answer

    We need more information to fully answer your question. Please feel free to call and discuss further
    at 414-271-7776.

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  • Ho do we get our three year old back, that has been in our home for over 2 years? we where supposed to adopt him,didnt happen!!!

    our lisenceing worker quit on us and we had no idea and neither did our social worker until 4 days before our placement hearing which was on july 2 and they removed him from our home on the 3rd and we had an appointment on the5th with our new work...

    Frank’s Answer

    You need to conference with a lawyer who does family law , custody , etc , which my firm does.
    If you can not connect with Stephanie, feel free to contact my office at 414-271-7776 to schedule a review.

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  • Are there statute of limitations on a personal injury lawsuit

    Is there a statute of limitations on a personal injury case?

    Frank’s Answer

    ( 3 ) years from date of accident in Wisconsin.

    Attorney Frank J. Schiro
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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