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Amy L. Shapiro

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  • How do i file a petition to move out of state with my children?

    I have tried to negotiate with my soon to be ex husband and he is definitely not interested in any agreement. Should I file a petition with the courts or wait until the divorce dismissal date and bring it up to the judge then? Do i need any specia...

    Amy’s Answer

    The law in Wisconsin is different than stated by the previous attorney. In order to move, you need to follow the rules about notification. If your husband objects within the time period, you will be prohibited from moving until and unless the court approves of the move, on a temporary and/or permanent basis. The court will order you first to mediation. Since the placement schedule is dependent on where you are living, you need to raise this issue with the courts as soon as possible. One way to do it is to ask the court commissioner's office to send you immediately to mediation. You will also be required at some point to request a pretrial and can raise the issue then. Please contact me if you would like more assistance in your case.

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