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Stephen W. Hayes

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  • I am a single mother and I want full custody of my child even though the father wants visitation rights. Are my chances good?

    The father has been to jail two times and just got off probation this month. He mentally abuses me through text message and over the phone, which makes me fear how he will act to our child. He also has a heart condition that pretty much makes hi...

    Stephen’s Answer

    He may still be eligible for some visitation time but the court will want to know more about his criminal record, particularly if there is a history of violence or abuse, physical or sexual. It is possible the court will order a form of supervised visitation if the court has concerns about his parenting.

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  • Can u give me qualified adoption probono attorney

    i want to adopt my grandchildren

    Stephen’s Answer

    Suggest you check with State Bar of Wisconsin lawyer referral service. 1 800 728 7788. The lawyer it refers to you may charge a fee but you may be entitled to the federal adoption tax credit and a state benefit when you pay the lawyer and the adoption agency that does your home study (agency will also charge a fee). The credit is 12,650 this year. That should cover all your costs and fees. See IRS form 8839 and the instructions.

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